Shipping Containers Home for Sale

11 Shipping Containers Home for Sale You Can Buy Right Now

The luxury of staying at your place while going anywhere around the country is nothing less than a blessing. Shipping containers allow this luxury in an affordable and quite convenient way. There isn’t any need of depending on your friends and other relatives when you have your own home that you can take anywhere along with you.  Nowadays shipping containers are available in indigenous designs are ready to buy Shipping Containers Home for Sale. You can just buy them and shift in them within no time. These shipping container homes make you feel the same as you are staying at your own home. You will not feel any sort of difference in them. These shipping container homes can prove to be quite a valuable choice in the future.

Today, the population is growing at a rapid pace. People from different rural areas are migrating to the big cities and the population in these big cities is becoming unbearable as the available resources could not fulfill the demand of the rapidly growing population in some particular areas of land. Overpopulation is causing other environmental issues as well. Due to this fast shifting of a bunch of people to the urban areas, the cities are extending in their sizes that is again leading to many hazardous issues. The demand for land for people to live in is continuously increasing and the rates of real estate are getting unaffordable with every passing day. For a common middle-class family, it is very difficult to buy their land as the rates are quite out of range. To sort out these problems, shipping container houses can be an exquisite offer. Shipping containers houses offers you a cost-effective and comparatively better style of living within your range amount.

Here we can offer you 11 different types of shipping container homes that are ready-made. All you need is to pack your bags and shift in them with your family members and have an enjoyable and affordable style of living. The list of these shipping container homes are here as follows:

Shipping Containers Home for Sale

1. (Rhino Cubed) Shipping Containers:

It is a famous company for shipping container homes that make the recycled steel useful by using them in preparation for shipping container homes. They provide high-quality standard living in their shipping containers as they provide waterproof, weatherproof as well as insect-proof containers that can last even for generations just like land homes. They primarily focus on the sustainability of their shipping containers so they can stay with the residence for a longer time. This company belongs to Colorado.

2. Double duo custom Shipping Containers:

Shipping Containers Home for Sale

These containers provide a complete home package for the family. They have a large container that is occupied by two complete sets of bedrooms along with bathrooms, one living room, storeroom, and a kitchen as well. They also provide a metal ceiled roof along with proper sanitation and electrical plumbing. The manufacturers also give you the option to have a drawing-room instead of a living room. The cost of the container lies in the range of $93000 to $95000$. 

3. Honomobo Shipping containers:

Honomobo is one of the leading brands in the making and designing of shipping containers all across the globe. They provide comparatively small container model houses at affordable prices. They provide 288 square feet area with all the facilities. Their houses are completely enlightened and energy-efficient as well. The price of these shipping containers lies in the range of $70000 to $75000.

4. 40 –foot tiny shipping container:

40-foot tiny shipping containers are the house containers that are introduced by the company MODS international company. These shipping container homes for sale are available both online as well as offline. These homes are called tiny homes but they are well-furnished homes along with bedrooms, bathroom, kitchen, living room all the living necessities. Water, electricity, and sewage facilities are well established in these containers. The price of this container ranges from $36000 to $39000. . You can find them online as well by just typing shipping containers near me.

5. Backcountry shipping container:

Backcountry Container Company has shipping container homes for sale that have design layouts similar to the land houses. They are quite famous for providing customize containers as per the demand of their customers. They provide exceptionally stunning interior home designing that becomes quite appealing for the clients. They provide all the necessary facilities in their container. The price of a single home container is $66000.

6. IQ homes shipping container:

Shipping Containers Home for Sale

IQ Container Company is based in Auckland, New Zealand. The company claims that they provide the most durable, strong, and reliable container homes to their customers. The company closely looks for providing environment-friendly containers. Their containers are cost-effective as compare to many other home container providing companies. The price of these containers starts at around $22000.

7. TYNAR Shipping container homes:

The company fabricates quite new containers from recycled steel. They want to provide sustainable and affordable shipping home containers to their customers. Their containers are uniquely designed with all the necessary amenities of life. The company also has their online website where they also provide different discounts to their early customers. The price of the container starts from $56000.

8. Insta- house Shipping containers:

It is a home container company that is owned by MB architectures. They provide an extremely luxurious style of living to the customers and therefore the rates of the containers are comparatively more than that of other container manufacturing companies. But the facilities they provide are nothing less a masterpiece. They provide at least two attractive master bedrooms, two indigenously designed bathrooms, a spacious living room, and a big beautifully designed kitchen. The cost of the container lies in the range of $150000 to $170000.

9. Meka home shipping containers:

Shipping Containers Home for Sale

They are famous containers that have proved to quite fantabulous storage containers as they provide wide-open space to the residents of the container house. These container houses are strictly followed by the international standards (ISO) and that why they have quite a demand in the market. Their reviews of their website are quite good and their facilities are preferably better than many other home container manufacturers. The price of this container is around $70000 to $75000.

10. Alpha tiny home containers:

Alpha tiny home containers are supposed to be one of the most affordable containers in the town. They provide a simple but environmental style of living to their residents. These containers are quite strong and durable. Low middle-class families mostly prefer to buy their containers houses from them. The price of this container is around $15000 to $20000. These containers are available in almost every city. You can find them online as well by just typing shipping containers near me. And their website will be among the first to pop up.

11. Alternative living space containers:

The manufacturers of these containers aim to provide maximum living space to their customers that most of our land houses are unable to. They provide high standard living to their customers with gorgeous facilities. They are famous for their glasswork in their containers with a 360-degree view outside. These containers have all the amenities of life. The price of the container ranges from $25000 to $30000.

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